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5 Most Common Causes of Homeowners Insurance Claims in Southborough

by Lisa Hirbour / June 21, 2016

Without a doubt, the vast majority of people consider their home to be their biggest asset. This shouldn't come to anyone's surprise, as a home can easily cost a few hundred thousand dollars. Quite a few homes will put a homeowner out of a million dollars. It should be no surprise that it is recommended that all homeowners purchase insurance for their property. When it comes to finding the right homeowners insurance plan, it helps to know the most common causes of home insurance claims. Here are some of the top five most common causes of homeowners claims in and around Southborough.

Homeowners Insurance Southborough

5 Common Causes of Homeowners Insurance Claims in Southborough

As you may have guessed, some of the most common causes of home insurance claims in Southborough are related to extreme weather. Other common causes of insurance claims are related to human injury. Here are 5 claims that we see often with homeowners in the area. 

1. Weather-Related Causes

All forms of extreme weather, from thunderstorms to earthquakes, are common reasons for homeowners insurance claims. In the winter, snow and hail storms occur frequently in the state of Massachusetts, as well as in almost all of the Northeast. Not only do these storms make the roads more dangerous, but they can also cause trees to fall. If you have large and mature trees growing near your home, this can be a huge problem. Whether the tree falls on your home or the property of a neighborhood, you can expect to need the coverage of your home insurance.

2. Theft and Burglary

Unfortunately, the rate of theft and burglary is increasing in many parts of Massachusetts. As a result, thefts are a common cause of home insurance claims. In general, as long as homeowners have pictures or records of the property that was stolen from their home, they will likely receive proper coverage. 

3. Animal Bites 

Most home insurance policies include liability coverage for injuries and damages caused by any members of your entire household. Believe it or not, this also includes your pets. However, certain breeds of dogs are excluded from home insurance policies because of their greater tendency to bite. Some examples of such breeds are the pitbull and the German Shepard. Make sure to review your homeowners coverage to know exactly what is covered.

4. Home Accidents 

If an individual is injured while they are on your property, you may have to file a liability claim. The most common cases of home accidents are related to contractors working on a project within or outside of the home. Believe it or not, even if an individual comes to your home uninvited, you may still be liable for any injuries they suffer.

5. Fires

The final most common cause of home insurance claims is fire. If a fire starts on your property, a home insurance policy should help you deal with the costs of the damage.

Choosing the Right Southborough Homeowners Insurance Plan for Your Needs

Without a doubt, choosing the right home insurance plan for your needs can be a difficult task. The best way to go about choosing an insurance plan is by going with the basics and adding more coverage to your plan based on risks associated with your location. For example, if you live near the woods, you may want coverage for animal damage. Your trusted local agent should be able to guide you to the appropriate coverage plan.

As you search for the right homeowners insurance plan for your needs, it is helpful to know the most common causes of home insurance claims in Southborough. Just keep in mind that not every common cause will apply in your situation, so it is important to have frequent meetings with your local agent.


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