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Mail Merge Error on InsurPac Letters

by Lisa Hirbour / September 23, 2019

Good Afternoon,

It has come to our attention that the recent InsurPac print mailing had agents’ names attached to the wrong agencies. Please be assured that our member database is correct. The error occurred after the list was exported from our database for the mail merge. Columns in the exported spreadsheet were inadvertently sorted separately, so that the names and agencies were misaligned.

We apologize for the error, and hope that we can still count on your support for the important work that InsurPac does on behalf of our members.

CONTRIBUTE ONLINE by credit card


InsurPac contributions must be by personal check, credit card, or non-incorporated LLC or Partnership check. Corporate checks cannot be accepted.

A recent Big “I” member survey showed that two-thirds of respondents benefited from tax reform, realizing savings from $1,000 to more than $50,000.

InsurPac played a critical role in that success.

As tax reform made its way through Congress, the Big “I” and InsurPac pounded the pavement daily on Capitol Hill, advocating for independent agencies, both c-corps and s-corps. They didn’t stop there. With tax reform signed into law, they successfully advocated before Congress and the Administration to ensure that agencies and brokerages organized as pass-through entities would also enjoy the full benefits of tax reform.

Our leaders listen to the Big “I” and InsurPac. As one agency owner put it:

“None of us are influential enough to play in the politics of DC individually, but collectively with the Big I and InsurPac we have one of the strongest voices in DC. The tax savings we experienced this year makes my InsurPac donation a top ROI program.”

The Big “I” uses InsurPac contributions to develop and strengthen relationships with legislators who are shaping the public policy debate on issues important to your pocketbook.

We ask that you show your support by contributing to InsurPac. The suggested contribution is $250, but whatever you can provide, higher or lower, would be appreciated.


Nick Fyntrilakis
President & CEO

John Koegel

Ray Gallant
National Director, Massachusetts
Big “I”

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