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4 Critical Insurance Needs For Your Manufacturing Company in Worcester And Beyond

by Lisa Hirbour / March 25, 2016

Running a manufacturing company requires a large investment in assets. You need to manage the risk of possible damage to your machinery, equipment, and vehicles. If you supervise employees, you need to address worker's compensation issues. A local Worcester insurance specialist should be able to help you address these risks in your business.

Managing Risk By Working With an Insurance Specialist in Worcester

Insuring Your Property 

Worcester InsuranceOftentimes, your manufacturing operation will require huge investments. For example, you may need to lease or purchase space to manufacture your product. Once you have a location in or outside of Worcester, you will probably need machinery, equipment, and computers. You may also need to invest in storage and distribution. In addition to your factory, you may need a warehouse to store inventory, as well as forklifts and trucks to deliver the products to your customers, among many other possible tools.

Business property insurance can help to protect these assets from damage or theft. You can also obtain coverage for your inventory. If your facility experiences a fire, flooding, or some other event, your insurance coverage should be able to  help you get back on your feet.

Managing Your Workforce 

Your manufacturing operation may require a large workforce. You may use staff to run machinery and to move materials on the factory floor, as well as workers to package the product and to move completed goods into the warehouse. You may also need workers to help deliver the products to customers.

Most states require you to carry workers compensation insurance, which pays a benefit if a worker is injured on the job and can’t work. The policy will pay the injured worker an income and cover their medical expenses.

In addition, managing your business often involves hiring, supervising and occasionally firing employees. Insurance specialists in Worcester should be able to help you with employment practices insurance. This policy would help cover the legal costs associated with addressing wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment issues.

Business Coverage Through a Local Worcester Insurance Agency

To generate a profit, you most likely need to keep your business operating well each day. There are a variety of factors that may impact your ability to produce your product. There are a number of insurances available that can help cover different situations.

If you experience equipment breakdown, for example, equipment breakdown insurance can help you pay for a repair and start operating again. If a fire, flood, or some other natural disaster prevents you from operating, business income policy should help you pay for your operating expenses and payroll when you have to stop production for a short time. This coverage helps to allow you to maintain your workforce, repair equipment and restart your production more quickly. 

A manufacturing company may face a variety of challenges. A local agent can help you get insurance in place to keep your business up and running.


Are You Covered?

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