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Advice For Worcester Pet Owners: How Your Insurance Agency Supports Sick Pets

by Lisa Hirbour / May 13, 2016

Owning a pet is one of life's simple pleasures, but pet insurance can be almost as complicated as human healthcare coverage. You can't simply purchase the cheapest insurance in Worcester because policy terms and coverage vary wildly. Here are some variables to consider:

What to Know About Buying Insurance in Worcester for Your Pets

Coverage Limits
Worcester Insurance

The limits on coverage create extensive variety in pet insurance premiums. Most policies have some form of limit on the amount an insurer will pay out, determined by annual caps or individual injuries/illnesses.

Check to see if there's an annual limit the insurer will pay for all treatment costs combined. Secondly, pay attention to any limit for a particular injury/illness. It could be for the amount the insurer pays in a single year, the amount the insurer pays in total for that condition during your pet's life, or both.

Make sure to ask about the renewal procedures. Some insurers guarantee to renew your pet's insurance every year at the same premium price or a premium that increases by a fixed proportion or amount. If an insurer doesn't make such a guarantee, it might refuse to cover the pet in older age.

Coinsurance & Deductibles

Check your policy for deductibles and coinsurance. For deductibles, you pay a flat-rate contribution toward each claim; check whether the deductible applies to each individual claim, all treatments for a particular condition, or the total expenses for the year.

Don't confuse coinsurance with copayments. A copayment is simply a flat-rate payment toward any claim. Coinsurance means you pay a percentage of the claim, so more the expensive treatment should cost you more. Before getting insurance in Worcester for your pet with coinsurance, think about how much you could afford to pay during the year.


Policies vary based on which conditions they do and don't cover. Basic plans typically cover injuries from accidents only, comprehensive plans cover nearly all medical treatment, and those in-between vary on coverage for treatment related to congenital and hereditary conditions. Congenital is a condition your pet has had since birth; some policies exclude these conditions completely, while others cover treatment from resulting symptoms that develop after the policy starts.

Hereditary doesn't mean your pet has the condition because it's parents had it. Rather, it refers to conditions with a genetic cause specific to the breed. For example, Beagles are genetically prone to seizures, while Ragdoll cats are prone to cardiomyopathy, a disease affecting heart muscle.

The Key to Buying Insurance in Worcester for Your Pets

Never sign on the dotted line until you're sure you fully understand what a policy covers. A good local insurance agency in Worcester will always be happy to answer your queries and give you peace of mind.


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