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Community Center Insurance Massachusetts

Community Center Insurance From Massachusetts Specialists

Community center insurance is a specialized form of non-profit that’s uniquely developed to meet the risk mitigation needs of community centers. Because these centers normally are exposed to multiple risks, policies are typically written as package policies that come with several coverages.
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What is Community Center Insurance?

Not-for-profit community centers provide groups with space to gather and connect, and these centers have an integral role in many villages, towns and cities throughout Massachusetts. Doing good within neighborhoods, however, comes with certain risks. Community center insurance helps these centers protect themselves from property, liability and other risks they face.

Community center insurance is a specialized form of nonprofit insurance that’s uniquely developed to meet the risk mitigation needs of community centers. Because these centers normally are exposed to multiple risks, policies are typically written as package policies that come with several coverages. Centers frequently adjust the coverages in their particular policy to suit their situation.


What Organizations in Massachusetts Need a Community Center Policy?

Any organization in Massachusetts that serves as a place for community groups to gather might want to purchase a community center policy. Allowing for occasional exceptions, these tend to be nonprofit organizations that have public spaces where different groups gather for activities. Some examples of centers that are often well-served by this type of insurance include:

  • Youth centers
  • Senior centers
  • Athletic clubs
  • Arts programs

Some organizations, such as religious institutions, may have a few insurance needs that are similar to those of community centers. These organizations frequently have additional coverage needs as well, though, and they may be better served by a slightly different insurance policy.

An insurance agent who specializes in community center policies can help organizations determine whether this is the right type of insurance for them. If there’s another option that’s more appropriate, a specialized agent will likely know about and recommend it.

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Community Center Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Do Community Center Policies Offer?

As mentioned, community center policies normally offer a range of coverages that protect against liability, property and other risks.

Some of the more common liability coverages that policies make available include:

Some property coverages that community centers frequently need are:

Other coverages that a center might want include commercial auto coverage, blanket additional insureds coverage and business income coverage. An agent who specializes in these policies can help centers decide what coverages are best for their situation.


How Much Do Community Center Policies Cost?

Insurance companies consider many variables when setting premiums for community center policies, and rates vary substantially as a result. A center’s location, the size of the center’s facility, the types of activities sponsored, the number of people involved in a center and the center’s past claims history are just a few of the variables that can impact cost.

The most accurate way to see how much insuring a particular community center would be is to work with an independent insurance agent. An independent agent is able to compare policy options from multiple insurers so centers can see what different companies would charge.

Community Center Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Centers in Massachusetts Get Community Center Insurance?

For help insuring a center located in Massachusetts, contact the independent and experienced insurance agents of The Feingold Companies. Our agents have helped many organizations with their insurance needs, and we’re ready to assist your center with finding community center insurance.

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