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When putting together a special event, hosts have lots of details to attend to. Between guest lists, food tastings and venue selection, it’s easy to forget about insurance. Residents, organizations, and businesses in Massachusetts that host special events, however, should protect themselves by getting event insurance.

What is Event Insurance?

Event insurance policies are a specialized form of insurance that helps protect people, organizations, and businesses when they’re putting on events. Policies might be purchased for balls, fundraisers, parades, sports competitions, birthday parties, weddings, and just about any other type of event.

Who in Massachusetts Should Consider Purchasing Event Liability Insurance?

Any person or organization in Massachusetts that’s putting on an event should purchasing event liability insurance for the occasion. For, incidents small and large expose hosts to risks -- and few residents, nonprofits, or businesses could afford a major liability suit.

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Event Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Does Event Liability Insurance Offer?

Because event liability insurance is used for many different types of events, there are lots of coverages that might be included in an event liability policy. Some of the more common coverages that hosts frequently select include:

  • General Liability Coverage, which provides protection from many risks
  • Automobile Liability Coverage, which may be necessary if vehicles will be used at an event
  • Liquor Liability Coverage, which might be required if alcohol will be served at an event
  • Liability for Rented or Loaned Property Coverage, which may pay for damage that borrowed property sustains during an event
  • Product Liability Coverage, which might protect hosts from liability claims related to items (often including food) given out or sold at an event
  • Spectator Liability Coverage, which may cover injuries sustained by spectators who attend an event

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In addition to these common coverages, there are also a number of highly specialized coverages available. A few examples of less common coverages that are useful in certain situations include:

  • Animal Liability Coverage, which may be appropriate if an event will involve live animals
  • Aircraft Liability Coverage, which might be necessary if aircraft will fly overhead or provide rides at an event
  • Medical Malpractice Coverage, which may provide coverage for any mistakes made at a first aid station

These are just a few examples of the more specialized coverages that are available. Hosts should discuss the plans for their event with an insurance agent to find out if there are any other specialized coverages that they may benefit from.Event Insurance Massachusetts

Is Property Insurance Coverage Included in Event Policies?

Most event don’t include many property insurance coverages because hosts usually don’t need these protections. Any property or equipment that a host owns and intends to use for an event should already be insured against perils like fire and theft. Any property or equipment they rent should also already have property coverage that the rental company pays for (hosts will still probably want liability for rented or loaned property coverage in case rented property or equipment is damaged during their event).

If a host does need property insurance for some reason, they can often get it either as an optional protection or a stand-alone policy that supplements their event liability insurance policy.

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How Much Do Event Policies Cost?

Event policies vary in price, but most are affordable. Because event policies’ effective dates can be limited to the dates of an event, their premiums can be kept fairly low. Frequently, the price of a policy that only lasts for the duration of an event costs just a small fraction of the event’s total costs.

How Can Massachusetts Residents and Organizations Obtain Event Insurance?

Residents, nonprofits and businesses in Massachusetts that are planning events can get quotes for event insurance by contacting an independent insurance agent in their area. There are independent agents serving the state and beyond who can help request quotes from insurers.

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