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High Value Home Insurance

High Value Home Insurance From Massachusetts Specialists

Proudly Providing High Value Home Insurance to Residents in Massachusetts & 25 Other States Across the Nation

High value home insurance helps to cover property damage and liability, much as a standard policy would, just with even more care. When you purchase a high value policy, you are getting peace of mind for your home. Typically your coverage will include:

  • Guaranteed Rebuilding Costs – Even if the construction cost to restore your home exceeds policy limits, your high value policy will pay for like materials and finishes to fully rebuild your home to its previous condition.
  • Replacement Costs for Belongings – Typical homeowners insurance will apply an actual cash value to your possessions to determine your payout. For items such as antiques or artwork that cannot be replaced, their value could be assessed at $0. Your high value policy will pay you the replacement cost, i.e. what it would cost in fair market value to buy a similar item.
  • Cash Settlements – If you suffer a loss, such as from fire or theft, and choose to not rebuild or replace, you can instead receive the cash value to invest as you wish.
  • Extended Coverage Limits – Most policies have low limits for belongings, including jewelry and electronics. Your high value policy provides higher limits for these items without the need for riders on your policy.
  • Additional Loss of Use Coverage – If you cannot live in your home after a loss, your policy can provide living expenses for the duration of your rebuilding period, even if that is a lengthy process.
  • Extended Liability Protection – If you are sued, your policy will help to cover legal expenses and damages to a much higher limit than a standard homeowners policy.

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Navigate Your High Value Homeowners Insurance Policy With EaseHigh Value Home Insurance Massachusetts

The value of your home is determined not only by the structure itself, but by what you keep in it. Though the actual monetary value of a high value home can vary based on your location in Massachusetts, many such properties have common features such as custom, antique, or specialized finishes, outbuildings, swimming pools or other recreational facilities, valuable artwork, jewelry, electronics, and other possessions. With high value home insurance, you can enjoy comprehensive coverage for property damage and liability, extended coverage limits, and additional benefits.

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High value homeowners have needs that other homeowners may not. Your insurance can be customized to provide additional coverage for more situations than a standard policy. Some of these options may include:

High Value Home Insurance Massachusetts

Your specific coverage needs should be discussed with your insurance agent who can help develop the right policy to protect your property and interests.

When you own a special property, you need specialized insurance for full protection. Investing in high value home insurance can provide important coverage in case of storm damage, fire, theft, lawsuits, and other situations that cannot be properly covered by a typical Massachusetts homeowners policy.

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