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Septic Installers and Cleaners Insurance Massachusetts


What is Septic Installers and Cleaners Insurance?

Servicing septic systems comes with certain risks, including both liability and property perils. Septic installers and cleaners insurance helps shield Massachusetts businesses in this line of work from many of the risks they face.

Septic installers and cleaners insurance policies are specialized commercial policies that uniquely meet the needs of businesses that service septic systems. Because these businesses face multiple risks, most policies are package policies that have several converges bundled together.

What Massachusetts Businesses Should Have Septic Installers and Cleaners Coverage?

Most Massachusetts businesses that service septic systems should probably consider purchasing this type of insurance policy. Forgoing insurance leaves almost any business at risk, and septic installers and cleaners policies are normally the best type of commercial policies for septic servicers.

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Septic Installers and Cleaners Insurance  Massachusetts

What Coverages Can Businesses Get Through Septic Installers and Cleaners Policies?

As mentioned, most of these insurance policies come with multiple coverages that are bundled together. Businesses can usually choose from standard and optional protections, and many policies offer a variety to choose from. Some of the more commonly offered coverages are:

Still more insurance coverages may be available through these policies. An insurance agent who’s familiar with this type of insurance can help businesses select the coverages that are right for their situation.

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How Can Septic Servicers Procure Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation is required by state law in most situations where a business has employees. The coverage generally extends protection to workplace injuries and illnesses, which a business might otherwise be sued over. Thus, most septic servicers are legally required to carry workers compensation and would be largely unprotected against workplace injuries without it.

Septic servicers may obtain workers compensation within their septic installers and cleaners policy or through a separate policy. Whether the coverage is purchased as part of the package policy or separately depends on whether the package policy offers it and whether a better rate is available through a stand-alone option. An insurance agent can help compare workers compensation options to make sure businesses get the coverage they need at a competitive rate.

Septic Installers and Cleaners Insurance  Massachusetts

Are Septic Cleaners and Installers Policies Expensive?

Premiums for these insurance policies are based on many factors and vary as a result. A business’ location, size, annual revenues and other factors can all impact how much insurance costs.

Even with variance among policies' premiums, however, this insurance tends to be reasonably priced. Premiums almost always are less than what a major claim could cost a business if no coverage was in place. An agent can help businesses get specific quotes to find out how much insurance will cost them.

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How Can Massachusetts Septic Businesses Get Septic Installers and Cleaners Insurance?

For help insuring a septic servicing business in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents of The Feingold Companies. Our agents will work hard to make sure your business is properly protected by septic installers and cleaners insurance, and we’re able to recommend the best policies regardless of what company offers them since we’re an independent agency.

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