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Snowmobile Insurance Massachusetts


What is Snowmobile Insurance?

Many Massachusetts residents enjoy adrenaline-inducing snowmobile rides during winter, but the sport comes with certain dangers. Nationwide, there are approximately 200 deaths and 14,000 injuries due to snowmobile accidents each year (not to mention property damage in these accidents). Snowmobile insurance won’t stop a snowmobile accident from occurring, but it can offer riders important financial protection if they’re ever in an accident or experience another covered loss.

Snowmobile insurance policies are specialized personal insurance policies that have been designed to meet the insurance needs of snowmobile owners. In order to provide snowmobilers with robust protection, most policies come as package policies that combine multiple coverages together.

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Who in Massachusetts is a Snowmobile Policy Right For?

Generally speaking, anyone who registers a snowmobile in Massachusetts normally has to carry insurance. State law requires snowmobilers to have certain coverages in place, and riding without at least these coverages can result in traffic citations and fines. Out-of-state riders who cross into Massachusetts also should have insurance.

Moreover, many riders choose to get more protection than is legally required. The state’s requirements call for a basic level of protection, but lots of people want to be better covered.

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Snowmobile Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Are Included in Snowmobile Policies?

As is the case with most insurance products, the exact coverages included in snowmobile policies can vary. Nonetheless, there are many coverages that policies frequently make available. More common protections include:

  • Personal Injury Protection, which might cover an operator’s and passengers’ injuries
  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage, which might cover other people’s injuries
  • Collision Coverage, which might cover damage to the snowmobile that occurs in an accident
  • Comprehensive Coverage, which might cover damage to the snowmobile that occurs in a non-accident incident
  • Accessories Coverage, which might cover a trailer, aftermarket parts and safety equipment
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage, which might cover damage to other people’s property
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage, which might cover accidents caused by snowmobilers who don’t have insurance

There may be additional protections that a policy makes available as an included or optional feature. 

An insurance agent who specializes in this type of insurance can help snowmobilers wade through the various coverage options, and select the ones they need or want.

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Do Snowmobile Policies Come with Roadside Assistance?

While not a coverage in the traditional sense of the term, many snowmobile policies offer towing and roadside assistance as an available add-on. This feature normally pays towing costs if a snowmobile breaks down while in use. 

Where a policy’s roadside assistance program will cover towing from, however, varies. Some policies will only pick up snowmobiles from nearby an actual public road, while other policies may tow snowmobiles that malfunction away from roads. 

Snowmobilers who are especially interested in this feature can ask their insurance agent to look for a policy that offers extended emergency towing services.

Snow Mobile Insurance Massachusetts

How Much Do Snowmobile Policies Cost?

Premiums for snowmobile policies vary because they’re based on a lot of factors. Just a few of the things that can influence how much a policy costs are the:

  • Snomobile’s year, make and model
  • Rider’s or snowmobile's location
  • Rider’s recent claims history
  • Coverages and limits chosen

Even with these variables, however, most snowmobile policies tend to be quite affordable.

How Can Snowmobilers Find Good Snowmobile Insurance?

For help finding snowmobile insurance in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents of The Feingold Companies. Our team is able to show you policies from multiple insurance companies, and we have the expertise necessary to help you select whichever available policy is best for your situation.

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