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Sports Team Insurance Massachusetts


Sports team insurance is specialized commercialinsurance for sports organizations. So that organizations receive multiple protections that they need, these policies are normally package policies that have several coverages within them.
Local sports teams
Travel sports teams
Sports leagues
Directors and Officers Liability Coverage
Commercial Property and Equipment Coverage
Crime Coverage

What is Sports Team Insurance?

Team sports are fun to participate in and can teach valuable life skills, but participation comes with some accepted risks for both players and teams. A team may be held financially liable if a player is injured on the court or the field. One way that teams in Massachusetts can protect themselves from some injury-related liability risks is by purchasing sports team insurance.

Sports team insurance is specialized commercial insurance for sports organizations. So that organizations receive multiple protections that they need, these policies are normally package policies that have several coverages within them.


What Sports Organizations in Massachusetts Should Carry Youth Sports Insurance?

Broadly speaking, most sports organizations in Massachusetts ought to carry youth sports insurance. This generally applies to (but isn’t limited to):

  • Local sports teams
  • Travel sports teams
  • Sports leagues
  • Regional sports associations

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In some cases, higher-level sports teams might also find this insurance is well-suited for their risk mitigation needs. College and semi-professional teams frequently need similar coverages and might be able to get their needed coverages through a youth sports insurance policy. 

Should higher-level teams (or any other organizations) have questions as to whether youth sports insurance meets their needs, they can talk with a knowledgeable insurance agent. Someone who knows sports team policies well can assess their protections in light of a specific team’s needs and make an informed recommendation about what type of policy will work best.

Sports Team Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Can Sports Teams Get Through Youth Sports Insurance?

The precise coverages that are available through youth sports policies can vary, and teams usually are able to choose which coverages they want. Thus, two policies won’t necessarily have the same set of protections.

Nonetheless, there are several coverages that these policies frequently make available and that are useful to many teams and organizations:

  • General Liability Coverage, which might cover commonplace accidents resulting in injury to players, coaches, spectators or referees
  • Accident Coverage, which might cover injuries that players or coaches sustain during practice or a game/match
  • Spectator Liability Coverage, which might cover injuries to parents, fans or other spectators
  • Directors and Officers Liability Coverage, which might cover leaders of an organization from lawsuits related to their decisions
  • Commercial Property and Equipment Coverage, which might cover a sports organization’s facilities and equipment
  • Crime Coverage, which might cover embezzlement by treasurers, fundraisers, paid staff or other volunteers

Do Sports Team Policies Offer Commercial Auto Coverage?

Sports organizations that own vehicles, such as vans to transport teams, generally are required by state law to carry commercial auto coverage. The coverage is widely available through sports team policies. An insurance agent can help make sure a policy's commercial auto coverage properly insures an organization's vehicles.


How Much Do Sports Team Policies Cost?

Premiums for sports team policies vary because they’re based on a number of factors. An organization’s size, sports (e,g, contact or non-contact sports), chosen coverages and recent claims history are just a few of the details that can impact rates.

Even with variance among premiums, these policies tend to be affordable. An independent insurance agent can get several quotes to explore exactly how much insurance would cost for an organization.

Sports Team Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Massachusetts Sports Organizations Get Sports Team Insurance?

For help insuring a sports organization that’s in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at The Feingold Companies. Our agents have the expertise required to help you find the right sports team insurance for your organization, and we’re able to offer that right policy regardless of what insurance company the policy is from.

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